YPC International College

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  • Location: Kuala Lumpur, Kuala Lumpur
  • Type: Private Institute
  • Courses: 50
  • Founded: 2001
  • University Rank:

Overview of YPC International College

YPC International College, situated in Malaysia, is an esteemed institution committed to providing quality education and fostering academic excellence. Established in [2001], YPC International College has earned a reputation for its diverse range of programs and its dedication to preparing students for successful careers in various fields. With a focus on holistic development and industry relevance, YPC International College stands as a prominent choice for students seeking a well-rounded education.


YPC International College, established in [2001], has a rich heritage centered around its unwavering dedication to providing education of the utmost quality. Throughout its existence, the college has undergone significant growth and development, broadening its range of academic programs to accommodate the varied requirements of its students. The trajectory of YPC International College is characterized by its steadfast commitment to academic excellence and a strong focus on prioritizing the needs and well-being of its students.


YPC International College operates modern campuses equipped with state-of-the-art facilities. The campuses provide students with a vibrant and conducive learning environment. The college's commitment to creating a holistic educational experience is reflected in its well-equipped classrooms, laboratories, and collaborative spaces.

YPC International College Highlights

Year of establishment 2001
Accredited by Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA).
Main Campus Area  
Type Of Institution Private university
Top Courses Financial accounting Diploma in Accountancy Diploma in creative Multimedia Entrepreneurship Foundation in Science International Business Project management Strategic management Database systems
Mode of Application Online and Offline
Facilities Multimedia and Animation Lab Library & Student Resources Centre Lecture Halls and Multimedia Facilities Art and Digital Photography Studios Gym Discussion Room Art Gallery Seminar and Examination Halls Science Labs Counselling Centre Prayer Room (For Muslims) Cafeteria
Address WISMA YPC (Plaza Pandan), Jalan Perdana 4/1, Pandan Perdana, 55300 Kuala Lumpur

Top Courses and Programs:

YPC International College offers a variety of programs designed to meet the academic and career aspirations of its students. Here is an overview of selected programs offered by the college:


Program Duration Intake Tuition Fees (USD)
Diploma in Business Administration 2 years January $6,000 - $9,000
Bachelor of Arts in Hospitality Management 3 years August $8,000 - $12,000
Diploma in Information Technology 2 years March $7,000 - $10,000
Bachelor of Science in Marketing 3 years June $9,000 - $14,000

Holistic Student Support:

YPC International College prioritizes the holistic development and well-being of its students. The college provides comprehensive support services, including counseling, career guidance, and extracurricular activities.

Industry-Relevant Learning:

To ensure the relevance of its programs, YPC International College collaborates with industry partners. This enables students to gain practical insights and experiences aligned with current industry trends.

Why Choose YPC International College:

  1. Comprehensive Programs: The college offers a wide array of programs to cater to diverse academic interests.
  2. Holistic Development: YPC International College is committed to the holistic development of its students, focusing on academic, personal, and professional growth.
  3. Industry Collaboration: Collaborations with industries enhance the practicality and relevance of the programs.
  4. Student-Centric Approach: The college provides a supportive and student-centric learning environment.
  5. Affordable Tuition: Competitive tuition fees make education at YPC International College accessible to a broad range of students.
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