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About Britannica Overseas Education

Britannica Overseas is the cutting edge of higher education’s Recruitment, Marketing, and student enrollment. We have been a well-founded solutions specialist to our partner institutions since 2015. Britannica Overseas has been providing services for higher education marketing to over 100 partner schools across the globe. We have also launched multiple websites for different overseas study destinations like Malaysia, Germany, Canada, Australia, and the UK; hence, we receive millions of visitors every month.

Prospective candidates, who are looking to get admission to any university and course program of their liking, can find information through our multiple portals dedicated to overseas education. With more to come in the near future, we are currently representing multiple individual education brands that cover everything under one roof from Admission to Marketing and every section of an education system. This evolution of ours has helped connect potential candidates from around the globe to our partner Universities/Institutions/Colleges and is now recognized by an international team in Malaysia and India. Britannica Overseas has stepped into an era within the education industry by introducing software and marketing solutions.



Our vision is to make a transformative impact on the Study Abroad Service Sector through continual innovation in student services by connecting institutions, recruiters, and students across the globe.


To provide students with the best study abroad plans & services. To render scrupulous services and build robust business relationships.


To Expand the Academic Horizons We believe in re-inventing the Overseas Education Services for the students who want to study in a foreign. We have joined the forces with the Top Universities globally and with like-minded student recruiters.

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We provide Best services
In this education industry we are the name that the people like to bank upon as giving them the quality assurance in all the services. These services range from Enrollment Generation On A Global Scale, CRM and marketing automation, higher education Marketing, student lead generation to software development.

We establish Good Relation
During our entire journey we have built up good relations with our partners. The client is on the priority list of ours so that is why the customers find a long term alliance with us. This is the mutual understanding between us and our clients that makes our relationship with them to be dynamic.

We work with Integrity & ethical transparency
We work with transparency and give people the reason to look forward to us.Trust is the basis of business and communication between us and our clients. We believe in transparent information sharing with our customers with lack of any hidden goals behind. We have maintained a strong stand on ethical values hence committed to our vision.

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