University of Sopron

University of Sopron Rankings, Courses, Fees, Admission 2024 & Scholarships

  • Location: Sopron, Gyor-Moson-Sopron County
  • Type: Public Institute
  • Courses: 50
  • Founded: 1735
  • University Rank:

Overview about University of Sopron

Sopron, a picturesque town in northwestern Hungary, is a place of captivating beauty and rich history. Nestled 220 km from Budapest, 60 km from Vienna, and 90 km from Bratislava, it forms a cultural crossroads where the Hungarian, Austrian, and Slovakian capitals converge. With its proximity to the border, Sopron boasts a vibrant cultural life, a testament to its diverse heritage. The town's architectural charm seamlessly weaves Western European and Hungarian influences, creating a unique tapestry at its heart.

Safety and serenity define Sopron, making it one of the safest cities to embark on your European academic journey. Here, you can fully immerse yourself in the life of a student, exploring, traveling, savoring cultural events, and embracing sports without a worry in the world.

At our university, we take pride in holding the number one spot in forestry and wood industry studies in the country, while also delivering world-class education in economics and pedagogy. Higher education in Hungary is renowned for its global prominence, ensuring that a diploma from our institution not only holds significant value but also equips you with invaluable hands-on experience in the competitive job market.

For those passionate about sustainability, our institution shines as a "Green University," a champion of environmental responsibility.
Sopron's breathtaking landscape is embraced by the gentle foothills of the Alps, offering an ideal backdrop for outdoor enthusiasts. Whether you seek the thrill of jogging, mountain biking, or hiking, these scenic hills await your exploration. Furthermore, Central Europe's largest endorheic lake, Lake Fertő, is a stone's throw away from the town, adding to the region's natural allure.

University of Sopron Highlights

Year of establishment  
Affiliated by
  •  The University of Sopron in Hungary is a higher education institution that is primarily affiliated with the Hungarian government and the Ministry of Innovation and Technology
Accredited by
  •  The University of Sopron in Hungary is accredited by the Hungarian Accreditation Committee (MAB)
Campus Area  
Type Of Institution
  •  Public university
Top Courses
  •  Bachelor of Science
  •  Master of Science
  •  Doctor of Philosophy
Mode of Application
  • Online and Offline
  •  Laboratories
  •  Library
  •  Computer Labs
Placement companies  

University of Sopron Courses-

  • Bachelor of Science in International Business Economics
  • Bachelor of Science in Timber Industry Engineering
  • Master of Science in International Economy and Business
  • Master of Arts in Educational Science
  • Master of Science in Environmental Engineering
  • Master of Science in Nature Conservation Engineering
  • Master of Science in Timber Industry Engineering
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Economics and Management
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Wood Sciences and Technologies
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Forestry and Wildlife Management
  • Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Management

University of Sopron Admissions & selection procedure –

  • Choose Your Program
  • Check Eligibility
  • Prepare Required Documents
  • Submit Your Application
  • Entrance Examinations or Interviews
  • Notification of Admission
  • Enrollment
  • Apply for Scholarships
  • Visa and Residence Permit

University of Sopron Scholarships-

  • Sports Scholarships: For students who excel in sports, some universities offer athletic scholarships. These can help cover tuition and related expenses.
  • International Scholarships: These scholarships are often designed for international students to promote diversity and encourage students from abroad to study at the university.
  • Government Scholarships: Students may also be eligible for scholarships offered by their home country's government or by the Hungarian government as part of international cooperation agreements.

University of Sopron Facilities-

  • Library: The university library is a central resource for students and researchers. It offers a vast collection of books, journals, digital resources, and research materials to support academic pursuits.
  • Laboratories: Modern laboratories are available for students and researchers in various disciplines, including science, engineering, and the arts. These labs are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment for practical work and experiments.
  • Classrooms and Lecture Halls: The university provides classrooms and lecture halls for conducting lectures, seminars, and workshops. These spaces are equipped with audio-visual equipment to enhance the learning experience.
  • Computer Labs: Computer labs are available for students to access computers, software, and internet resources. These labs are particularly useful for computer science, engineering, and research students.

Faculty and Staff:-

  • "Wood and creativity are our passions." - Prof. Dr. Magoss Endre, Dean
  • "Serving nature and the environment through education and research." - Dr. habil Bálint Heil, Dean
  • "A high level of knowledge, practice-oriented training, and individual care in an inspiring, student-friendly environment." - Dr. habil László Varga, PhD, Dean
  • "A Bridge between You and Business – A Gateway to Our Sustainable Future." - Prof. Dr. habil. Zsuzsanna Széles, PhD, Dean

Student Life and Activities:-

Student Clubs and Organizations:

  • The University of Sopron likely hosts a variety of student clubs and organizations, catering to diverse interests.
  • These could include academic clubs, cultural and arts groups, sports teams, and more. Joining these clubs is a great way to connect with peers who share your passions.

Cultural Events:

  • The university may organize or host cultural events, including exhibitions, concerts, theater performances, and film screenings.
  • These events provide opportunities to explore the local culture and enjoy artistic expressions.

Sports and Recreation:

  • Many universities have sports facilities and offer various sports and recreation activities.
  • Students can participate in sports teams, use fitness centers, or engage in outdoor activities like hiking and cycling.

Student Government:

  • Student governments or associations play a role in representing student interests and organizing events.
  • They may also provide support and resources for student initiatives.

Contact Information:-

Provide contact us at 9870406867 for admission in University of Sopron

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