VISA Application

VISA Application

VISA Application

We’ll Guide You Through The Visa Process In International Destinations

Going through Visa Application: Our team of documentation specialists will be happily checking all your documentation in order to get your papers in line for applying for Student Visa in any country you choose to study for your future plans. Most of the time applying for a visa could be a daunting experience for students as well as their parents hence our Visa Specialists are there to help you through every step towards the same with all the up to date information of visa application and guide you through the application process too.

As per the government rules the visa requirements also change quickly hence our top visa experts will be connected to you to give you any update if required. We also support translating your documentations if required to make the whole process smooth for you.

Will Provide You With Some Good Tips Which Will Help You With The Process Of Applying For Study Visa:

Check if you need a visa:

As we all know that different countries have different requirements for applying for a study Visa also it depends on the country of origin you might also not need a Visa to enter the country for studying. You should always double check the visa papers before applying or let us handle it for you. All the required details and documents are well versed by our Visa experts and we will be happily assisting you with the same.

Test scores of you English language proficiency:

Most of the countries , students will be required to produce a language exam score card. Like the IELTS or TOEFL or CAE and others. If you have to go through a Language Proficiency Test to get your Visa , then make sure that your score is above the required band and also that the score should be valid at the time of applying for a study visa. The scores of both TOEFL and IELTS are valid upto years from the date you appeared for the exam.

Blank Pages available in the passport:

Every student should have at least 4-6 blank pages in their passport before applying for a student visa. Though your visa stamping will require only one page, consulates of different countries at times require you to have at least 2-4 blank pages which are within your valid passport. If that is not the case then the consulate might ask you to renew your passport which might take up weeks and delay the planned date of travel as well as delay in joining classes abroad.

Passport photos and documents:

It goes without saying that all your documents should be in place in order to apply for a visa. A double check on your part and our part will also be important. In case your documents are not submitted as per the requirement of the country then your study visa might get rejected and you will have to go through the whole process again and you might also end up paying for it again.
It is also advisable to re-check the requirement of passport size photo as many different countries have different requirements and if it does not meet the need then they might just reject your application.

Get Ready to Pay:

As you might know there are processing fees involved in any services. The same way even Visa applications whether for study or vacation or work will incur some processing fee. This has to be paid when you apply for a Visa and once you complete your interview. Though there are some countries where online application as well as a credit or debit card payment is accepted , while the other countries might want you to be present at the visa office physically.
You should always be ready to check if there are any additional charges which you need to pay as per the Country Consulate rule. Always keep cash handy in case you need to submit some and not having cash at that moment will put you in a wrong position.

Early Application:

Time taken to process your visa might be long and subjected to administrative procedures beyond your or our control. In case the visa is not ready in time, you will simply not be able to enter the country of your University before the intake time. Some Consulates do provide you with exact processing time for you to receive your visa but it is always suggested that you should always apply much earlier than your intake date of the university you have chosen to study in.

Nevertheless, we are here to help you through every step of visa application. Our team of well experienced staff will always be on call with you to help you in every step.

Step 1 – Start Preparing Your Financial Evidence

Your funding evidence must include:

  • Tuition fees for the first year of your course
  • Living expenses for the first one year of your course
  • Additional living expenses of any eligible family members
  • Take time to prepare your financial evidence correctly so that your visa
  • Application is successful. It is essential to read and understand the rules for the types of evidence you are using and prepare your financial evidence to follow these rules.

Step 2 – Prepare Your Other Supporting Documents

It’s wise to prepare your supporting documents early – as with your financial evidence – so that you can apply quickly once you receive your Offer Letter. Make sure you have your original academic certificates and transcripts, and English language test certificate if needed. Some students may need extra documents, including:

  • Official translations of any evidence which isn’t in English
  • A letter of parental consent if you are under 18
  • Evidence about any changes to your name

Step 3 – Firmly Accept Your Unconditional Offer

To apply for a student visa, you will need a Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) from the University. This is an essential part of your visa application. It shows that we are accepting you as a student and expect you to join our course.

Step 4 – Pay Tuition Fee Deposit (If You Need To)

These deposits go towards your tuition fees and will be deducted from the fees charged to you by the University.

Step 5 – Complete The Visa Application Form

Visa Form has been completed

Step 6 – Book Your Flight Ticket, Make Arrangements To Fly

In addition, students must abide by the conditions attached to their visa, which include:

  • Working restrictions.
  • No access to state benefits
  • Registering with the police if required.
  • Notifying of changes in your circumstances.
  • Notifying if you change your address

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