Free study abroad counselling
Planning a better future? Build it by studying abroad with Britannica Overseas Education

free study abroad counselling

Free Study Abroad Guidance and Counseling

When planning to study abroad, the main thing which stresses one is which country, which course to go about. There are so many beautiful options around the world to live and to settle in.

Choosing the best University and the best country can be intimidating for students as well as parents. And this is when expert advice is needed. You are free to call us or leave us a message and we will be more than happy to help you through our best counseling session on the phone or personally.

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      What is Educational Counselling?

      Educational counselling indicates that education plays a key role. The advisor will help you achieve your academic goal. You will tell everyone about education and how education is vital. It also assists youngsters to progress and become confident in their studies. Students are freed by education counselling. The most crucial thing for the pupils is education counselling. Proper mentoring enables pupils to meet their objectives.

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      Why Britannica Counsellors

      Our expert counsellors will help you in selecting the top ranked universities around the globe which have worldwide recognition and offer the best scholarships.

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      Who are Educational Counselors

      Thinking about a counselor, we are thinking of an image of a nice, well-mannered, and driven individual. Career guides have become so important that schools and institutions have established special counseling cells for students. Furthermore, a consultant has several functions to perform in the current education system. In addition to enabling you to know the greatest things, these pros can help you decide at the most critical intersection of your life.

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      Quality Services

      Our Counsellors play an important role in providing support and helping students with easy or hassle-free processing of applications or paperwork. Students should contact an educational counseling service to find out more about their desired course or university or country. Undoubtedly, studying abroad is an advanced experience as it will enrich your personality. They have the answers to all of your lifestyle, finance, etc. questions.

    How We Do

    What does our team of excellent counsellors do ?

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      Step 1 –

      They Listen to you : Our Counsellors first listen to your need , requirement , your interest , skills sets and your future plans. They analyze and then suggest to you a great future with options of many great locations , courses to study and many different scholarships to follow as well as helping you with your budgeting and finances. In most cases the students might have already researched about their future plans and very well know which path of study they want to continue their career in. In that case it is still advisable for one to take the guidance of a counsellor to learn about the deep hidden prodigy of a University.

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      Step 2-

      Working out on the details : The team will work out on your professional and personal goals and look into universities which will suit your profile the best and which will suit your career plans also which will fall easily into your pocket.
      Our counsellors will also go through a set of questions to get to know more on your skills and requirements, this will help in getting more information out from you to be able to work on your file proficiently for the best outcome for you and us at the same time.