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Study in Germany Ultimate Guide for Students


Study in Germany: Colleges, Top Universities, Scholarships, Fees, Intake, Admission, Visa

Germany is also known as “Land of Poets and Thinkers” and is also famous for its cars, bread, and cathedrals. Moreover, there are 4000 higher education institutions and German universities have high international rankings. There are over 3,00,000 international students with the second highest number coming from India.

Study in Germany is the preferred option for the international students who want to pursue their study in the fields of Architecture, Business, Engineering, Medicine. The international students study in Germany as they get high quality education along with a unique cultural experience on an affordable fee.

Quick Highlights: Study in Germany

Type of Expenses Cost during Study in Germany (per year)
Tuition fee 24- 25 lakh (INR)
One time Visa application fee 4000 INR
Accommodation 33,000 to 7 lakh INR
Books Max. 1 lakh INR
Health insurance 40,000 INR

Why Study in Germany

10 Great reasons to Study in Germany as an International student:

  1. Very low tuition fee.
  2. World class education.
  3. Hundreds of academic courses.
  4. Country with a profound history.
  5. Cultural diversity.
  6. Speaking English and German.
  7. Work opportunities after study.
  8. Can study every subject in English.
  9. Cost of living is affordable.
  10. Explore the world class culture, history and landscape.

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    Education System

    Study in Germany Education System For International Students

    The students who successfully complete their secondary education are entitled for tertiary education in Germany. The tertiary education is given in the university and is known for providing the quality education in Germany.

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    The first higher education qualification in Germany is Bachelors and the standard period of study in bachelor degree is 3 years. Bachelor study programs in German universities offer programs in languages and humanities, law, economics and social sciences and engineering sciences. The second higher educational qualification in Germany is Magister degree called as Master degree. Third, higher education in Germany is Ph.d degree which can be taken at university and non university research institutes.

    Education system Germany Age of Study in Germany
    Early childhood education 1 to 5 years
    Primary education 6 to 8 years
    Secondary education 10 to 18 years
    Tertiary education Above 18 years
    Continuing education Above 18 years


    Types of educational institutes in Germany Study Programs in Germany
    Colleges Art, music and film
    University of applied sciences Engineering, Science, business and social science
    Technical university Science, technology, engineering
    Research university Phd degree


    Type of Degree in Germany Duration of degree in Germany
    Bachelor degree 3 to 4 years
    Master degree 2 years


    Funding of Educational institutes in Germany Tuition fee Intakes
    Public University Low or no fee 2 intakes(summer & winter)
    Private university Expensive 2 intakes(summer & winter)
    Popular Universities

    popular universities in Germany for international students

    As a large number of international students apply to German universities, these Global rankings of German Universities give them insight about the academic reputation, research reputation of the universities globally so that they can be named Best Universities in Germany for international students.

    University in Germany US News Ranking(2022 Best Global Universities Ranking) Best Global Universities Germany Ranking
    University of Munich 46 1
    Heidelberg University 54 2
    Technical University of Munich 74 3
    Humboldt -Universitat De Berlin 78 4
    Freie Universitat Berlin 95 5
    University of Bonn 119 6
    University in Gottingen 149 7
    University of Hamburg 156 8
    University of Freiburg 172 9
    Eberhard Karls university 180 10
    Top Courses

    Popular courses To Study in Germany For International students

    Courses in Germany for international students or Top courses to study in Germany are as:

    Best Course in Germany for International Students Best University for Study Programme in Germany
    Engineering Technische Universitat Munchen
    Business management University of Mannheim
    Humanities Humboldt Universitat Zu Berlin
    Maths and Computer Sciences Technische Universitat Munchen , Rheinische Friedrich- Wilhems-Universitt Bonn
    Fine and Applied arts Technische Universität Berlin

    The Popular courses for Indian students in Germany are Master courses in Germany related to engineering particularly in Automotive courses after completion of which the international students get highly paid jobs in Germany. The Best Automotive courses in Germany are given in the University “Technische universitat Munchen”.

    Admission Process

    Admission Requirements For Study in Germany

    The requirements to Study in Germany Admission for international Students are:

    Study Level In Germany Level of degree in Germany General requirement to Study in Germany
    First Cycle Studies Bachelor Degree 10+2 certificate
    Second cycle Studies Master Degree Bachelor degree or equivalent
    Third Cycle Studies Phd degree Master degree

    Study in Germany for Indian Students after 10+2 is the First Cycle of Studies that is Bachelor degree in Germany. The Requirements to Study in Germany Masters is the completion of a Bachelor Degree or the equivalent.

    Admission Documents required for University Application are:

    • Completed application form.
    • Certified high school diploma or 10+ 2.
    • Academic certificates.
    • Translated copy of score cards.
    • Copy of passport.
    • Photographs.
    • Proof of language proficiency.

    For Admission 2022 Study in Germany, the following steps can be helpful for admission in courses in Germany after 10+2 from India:

    1. Choose the right Study Programme in Germany.
    2. Select the University in Germany where to apply.
    3. Check the intakes and the deadlines of a university in Germany.
    4. Check if any entrance exam is required for university admission.
    5. Clear language proficiency test to show your competency in English or German as per requirement of the course you have opted.
    6. Upload application form online on the university website along with the required academic certificates.
    7. Proof of funds for study in Germany is approximately Euros 10,000 per year.
    8. Proof of health insurance.
    9. Then once accepted by the university, apply for the student visa of Germany.
    10. In some courses, an aptitude test is required for study courses in Germany.

    The aptitude test Test AS or Test Fur Auslandische Or Test for Foreign Students is required for entry into the undergraduate courses in Germany. This test allows you to show your cognitive ability before admission. This test is for non-EU international students who want to study in a German university.


    What is TestAS?


    Type of Test Online Paper based
    Duration 30 min 110 min & 145-150 min
    Contents Language proficiency Core test & Subject test

    Admission process for Bachelor’s in the USA

    • The student must have completed 10+2 from the recognised board and with a good GPA score.
    • The minimum GPA score required is 2.5
    • The student needs to take a minimum language proficiency test such as TOEFL with a minimum score of 61 to 89.
    • Get your educational credentials at hand in the original copy and its translation copies also.
    • ACT (American College Testing) and SAT are required for the admission in the university.
    • Get LOR and SOPs.
    • Need to show the financial evidence for tuition fees, living costs.

    Admission process for Master’s in the USA

    • The student must have completed the 10+ 2 and degree of 2 years or 3 years or 4 years.
    • GPA score of minimum range 3- 3.25
    • The language test for English proficiency such as TOEFL with a score of 78 to 100.
    • Check whether GMAT or GRE is required.
    • The documents regarding the personal information.
    • Produce the financial funds proof for the tuition fee and living expenses.
    • MBA admission requires the resume submission.

    Exams required for the Bachelor’s study in the USA

    Language Proficiency Test Other Required Exams
    IELTS(International English Language Testing System SAT(Scholastic Aptitude Test)
    TOEFL(Test Of English as a Foreign Language) ACT(American College Test)
    PTE(Pearson Test of English) LSAT( Law School Admission Test)
    Duolingo English Test

    Exams required for the Master’s study in the USA

    Language Proficiency Test Other Required Exams
    Duolingo English Test
    Fees Structure

    Study In USA Fees Structure

    The cost of attendance for study in the USA is variable depending upon the level of study and the university opted for. An efficient financial plan can help you with meeting the study cost in the USA. The prime expenses is the tuition fees during the study in the USA. The tuition fee of a public university is comparatively less than the private university. While studying at the postgraduate level or studying MBA in the USA.(roughly it is $35000 per year)

    How Much Does it Cost to Study in USA from India

    School Tuition fees in USD (indicative)
    English language studies $700 to $2,000 a month
    Community colleges $6,000 to $20,000 per year
    bachelor degree
    $20,000 to $40,000 per year
    Graduate programs $20,000 to $45,000 per year
    Doctoral degree $28,000 to $55,000 per year

    Accommodation Cost of Living in the USA

    On Campus Accommodation $9,000 to $11,000 per year
    Off Campus Accommodation $450(sharing based accommodation) per month
    Small apartment in a rural area $500 per month
    Small apartment in a city $3500 per month
    Student Visa

    Study in Germany Student Visa Requirements

    There are 3 types of German Student visas as:
    1. German Student Visa- is for the international students who want to study in Germany.
    2. German Student application visa- Is valid for applying to university in person.
    3. German language visa- to study German language course only.
    German Student visa requirements for Indian students

    Visa Application documents:

    • Filled and signed Visa application form.
    • National passport.
    • Two copies of a passport.
    • Birth Certificate.
    • Recent passport size photograph.
    • Proof of financial resources.
    • Proof of university admission.
    • Evidence of earlier education.
    Steps for getting Student visa for Germany:
    1. Locate and go to the German consulate.
    2. Review and collect the required documents.
    3. Get a Visa appointment.
    4. Pay Student Visa for Germany application fee of 60 to 75 Euros.
    5. Prepare for your Visa interview.

    Note: The average time processing for a Study Visa for Germany is 25 days.

    Study Canada scholarships

    List of Scholarships for Study in Germany

    Germany is truly a student friendly country with low tuition fee and the number of scholarships for Study in Germany for international students or Indian students or Study in Germany for free.

    Scholarship in Germany 2022 for Indian students Benefit of German scholarship Duration
    DAAD  Scholarship 850 Euros per month Full time study course
    Heinrich Boll Foundation Scholarships 649 Euros per month Master study
    Deutschland Stipendium Scholarship 150 Euros per month For 2 semesters of study
    Konrad Adenauer- stiftung Scholarship 850 Euros per month For Phd and Master programme
    Best student cities

    Popular Cities to Study in Germany

    Germany is a wonderful country for international students and is regarded as having the Best cities in Germany for the International or Indian Students. The Best cities or cheapest cities in Germany to live are:

      • Munich
      • Berlin
      • Stuttgart
      • Frankfurt
      • Dresden’
      • Aachen
      • Bonn
      • Hamburg
      • Cologne
      • Leipzig

    Work Opportunities

    Work opportunities during study in Germany

    International students in Germany can do part time jobs such as:

    • Student assistant job
    • Work at a cafe.
    • Production assistant
    • Working online

    Being an international student one can earn 450 Euros per month approximately. The international from Non EU countries can work 240 days for half time or 120 days for full time.

    Post study Work Permit in Germany

    The international students in Germany can stay for 18 months to find work in the related field of study and this is known as residence permit extension.

    Best Cities to find job in Germany

    • Munich
    • Stuttgart
    • Hamburg
    • Cologne
    • Dusseldorf
    • Bonn
    • Leipzig
    • Darmstadt


    How to Apply for Study in Germany?

    First of all, check the university and its admission requirements. Meet the proof of funds requirement and tuition fee and apply for the university application. After getting accepted by the university, apply for the student visa.

    How much does it cost to Study in Germany?

    The study cost in Germany is approximately 10,000 euros per month including the tuition fee and the living expenses.

    Do I need to show proof of funds for Study in Germany?

    Yes, for study in Germany, the international student has to show proof of funds which is approximately 10,000 euros.

    What scholarships are available for Study in Germany?

    The scholarships available for study in Germany are many depending upon the type of Study program you are enrolled for.

    Is Studying in German free of cost?

    Yes, studying in Germany is free in many public universities and for that you need to meet certain requirements. To know about Study in Germany in detail, kindly contact us at Britannica Overseas and our expert team will guide you further.