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Study in Canada: Colleges, Top Universities, Scholarships, Fees, Intake, Admission, Visa

Canada is a student friendly country that welcomes international students to study in Canada from all over the globe. Canada is the home to the World’s Best Top Universities offering state of the art programs with practical learning within the affordable cost. High on academic quality but affordable tuition fees – Studying in Canada is one of the best study destinations for Indian students. Until August 2019, Canada experienced almost 70,000 international students studying at all levels in the country; which explains its very popularity across the world.

Cost to Study in Canada For International Students Study program Average annual fee (in CAD*)
1 Undergraduate program $13,000 to $20,000 per year
2 Postgraduate master’s degree $17,000 to $25,000 per year
3 Doctoral degree $7,000 to $15,000 per year
4 MBA $30,000 to $40,000 per year

*Please note all fee figures are indicative

Why You Choose to Study in Canada

Canada is regularly ranked among the most prestigious countries around the globe and is the most desirable nation on earth for living standards. What are the advantages of studying at a university in Canada instead of India is thought to be an ideal option since the academic standards at top universities are comparable to. Based on a recent survey.

study in canada

QS World University Rankings 2019 includes the colleges of Canada in 26 in addition to THE World University Rankings 2019 has ranked 27 of them. The most compelling reason Canadian education is exceptional is due to its strong emphasis on research and development. If you’re an examiner there isn’t a nation more suited to your needs than Canada. The federal government of Canada can provide great help to research the areas that include telecoms, medical agribusiness ecology science, and the future of innovation.

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    Education System

    Education System For International Students in Canada

    Canada’s education system is divided into different levels such as pre- elementary level, elementary level, secondary level and post-secondary level. The international opt to study in Canada at post- secondary level which includes an admission into colleges and universities. The college may be a community college or a technical school as well as an applied arts or science school . These postsecondary educational institutions offer certificates diplomas, associate degrees, or certificate courses. Whereas the university education is for the higher education and research granting the degree courses. The university provides both undergraduate & graduate degrees. At the university the international students in Canada can opt specialization in various courses such as medicine, pharmacy, and the Law, etc.

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    Bachelor Degree is an undergraduate degree that is generally of three or four years and sometimes, it can be of five years. Whereas the Master’s degree is a graduate degree and is typically of two years. The PhD or Doctoral degree is the post-graduate degree which is of three to six years.

    Usually, the international students in Canada get an admission for the study in Canada after completion of 10+ 2 with minimum 50% score.

    Educational Institute in Canada Subjects
    Colleges Diploma course, Certificate course  and Associate degree
    Universities Degree courses- Bachelor’s course and Master’s course


    Study programs in Canada What it offers
    Certificate course Knowledge and skill for an entry level job.
    Diploma course Getting knowledge about technical and vocational fields including internship programs.
    Associate degree Arts and Business subject study
    Popular Universities

    popular universities in canada for international students

    For Study in Canada, there are the top universities in Canada that are offering the various study programs which are considered to be the best universities in the world.

    University in Canada Global rank(US news) Qs World Rank Students
    University of Toronto 84 29 75,821
    University of British Columbia 78 51 56,981
    McGill University 75 35 31,581
    University of Alberta 68 113
    University of Montreal 67 137 36,264
    University of Calgary 65 233 33,099
    University of Waterloo 63 173 33,613
    Western University 59 211 28,000
    Queen’s University 55 239 25,288
    Top Courses

    Top Courses to Study in Canada For International Students

    The most popular study courses in Canada offered in the universities of Canada are related to business and engineering. Among these study programs MBA in Canada is the most popular course. The other courses taken by the international students are Aeronautical engineering, Chemical engineering, Civil engineering, Computer science, Electrical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering. The study fields in which the Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Canada are available are as:

    1. Business Management
    2. Biotechnology
    3. Computer Science
    4. Environmental Engineering
    5. Finance
    6. Information Technology
    7. Marketing
    8. Life Sciences
    9. Pharmacy
    10. Petroleum Engineering
    11. Supply Chain Management
    Admission Process

    Admission Requirements for Education in Canada

    An Admission process 2022 for study in Canada differs from the province to province. Generally, the simple steps to follow for the admission for study in Canada are:

    1. Choose the study program in Canada and the level of study in Canada.
    2. Decide in which level to study in Canada and in which province the student wants to take class.
    3. Check with the deadlines of universities in Canada in all the selected preferences. Fill the application form of the university you want to apply.
    4. Choose the intake in which you want to enrol for study in Canada.
    5. Upload the academic transcripts and language assessment certificates.
    6. In case you meet the scholarship eligibility in Canada apply for the scholarship programs available in the study course.
    7. After getting the Letter of Acceptance from the university, the student can pay a fee to book his or seat in the university.
    8. Apply for the Study Visa in Canada.( for which the Letter of Acceptance is mandatory).

    Requirement for Admission:

    • Valid Passport with validity of at least 6 months.
    • Academic certificates.
    • Language proficiency test.
    • Letter of Recommendation.
    • Statement of Purpose
    • Resume if required.
    • Proof of funds.
    1. The other requirements include the language tests such as IELTS /TOEFL or PTE. The minimum requirement in IELTS is a 6.5 band score whereas in TOEFL it is 100 and in PTE it is 65.
    2. For studying MBA in Canada, the minimum acceptable score in GMAT is 660.
    3. For studying MBBS in Canada, the minimum acceptable score in MCAT is 490- 500.
    Test Requirement Score/ Band Scale
    IELTS(Language test) 6.5
    TOEFL(Language test) 100
    PTE(Language test) 65
    GMAT(for Degree in Business Administration) 660
    MCAT( for Degree in Medicine) 490- 500
    Fees Structure

    Study in Canada Cost

    The cost of studying abroad is high It can be expensive, however, Canada is a country where the highest quality education is accessible for less than many other countries. When estimating the costs to study in Canada ensure that you include costs like housing and food costs, health insurance, and travel, in addition to the tuition fees. This will aid you in more effectively making your budget. The amount you pay for fees for tuition will be determined by the kind of degree you earn and the college you select.

    The Cost to Study in Canada from India

    The cost of study in Canada for the international students or the Indian students is as:

    Study Program in Canada Fees Structure
    Under graduate course 9- 14 lakh
    Post graduate course 12- 18 lakh
    Doctoral course 5- 11 lakh
    MBA 22- 29 lakh

    Steps to plan the financial budget:

    • Calculate the tuition fees in Canada.
    • Check the accommodation costs in the area where you want to live.
    • Calculate the other living expenses in Canada.
    • Check the study permit fees for Canada.
    • Consider the health insurance cost in Canada.
    Student Visa

    Student Visa Requirements to Study in Canada

    You need to have information before applying for the student visa for Canada. If the student is applying for a Study Visa for Canada, then the student may apply online. Canada allows international students to study in Canada on study permit in Canada which is valid for the same period as the study program plus one year. But along with the study permit, a visitor visa is required to enter Canada.

    Because of the limitations of Covid International students are able to travel to Canada when they have been completely vaccine-free. The full dosage in Covid vaccination is necessary in order to be able to enter Canada. Due to Covid travel limitations, it could take months before you hear the outcome of your application.

    A student visa in Canada is your key to start studying in the best universities in Canada. Below we mentioned the requirements for the study abroad Canada permit, to obtain a Canada student visa. The Canada student visa fees for the application costs around $150 and the Canada student visa process may take up to 90 days.

    The Canada student visa requirements and process to study in Canada as below

    • An acceptance letter from a Designated Learning Institution (DLI)
    • Give proof that you can support yourself while in Canada.
    • Meet the India visa office requirements.
    • Must provide a valid passport or travel document
    • You must apply for the study permit before you come to Canada.

    Steps for Student Permit for Canada

      1. Firstly, you need the Letter of Acceptance from the Designated Learning Institute in Canada.
      2. Then apply for a student visa to enter Canada.
      3. The student may submit an online application for the student visa along with the application fee of $ 150.
      4. For the Student permit in Canada, the student has to submit three important documents as:
        • Covid Vaccine Certificate.
        • Valid Passport or Travel document.
        • Proof of Financial support( bank statement for 4 months or GIC, or bank draft, or proof of paid tuition or housing fees or scholarship).
        • In some cases, the student may need the Letter of Explanation telling about your responsibilities as a student and the explanation why you want to study in Canada.
      5. Get all the documents ready and apply online.
    Study Canada scholarships

    List of universities that provides scholarships to Study in Canada

    There are scholarships given to the international students by the Canadian government and the non profit organisations for study in Canada.

    The 2022 scholarships for the Indian students for Study in Canada:

    Type of Scholarship Duration Value Funded by organisation
    Banting Postdoctoral Scholarship 2 years $70,000 per year Government of Canada
    CIFAR Global Scholarship 2 years $100,000 Canadian Institute for Advanced Research
    Trudeau Doctoral scholarship 3 years $40,000 per years Trudeau Foundation
    Trudeau Fellowship 3 years $20,000 per year Trudeau Foundation
    Best student cities

    Popular cities to studying in Canada.

    According to the QS World rankings, the best student friendly cities in Canada are where the education is excellent and apt for the living including the cost of living, transportation, safety and the employment opportunities are:

    • Montreal
    • Toronto (known to be safest for women)
    • Vancouver
    • Ottawa
    • Quebec

    Work Opportunities

    The international student in Canada who is on the student permit and has completed his graduation can apply for the work permit. The international student can apply for the work permit if his passport is valid.
    Post graduation work permit
    After the completion of graduation, the student has 180 days to apply for the work permit and pay the fee for it. Before you apply for the work permit, get your documents ready related to a diploma or degree, official letter from a school and the transcript. The time of processing of your application for the Canadian work permit is 111 days. As an international student you can work on campus and work off campus with certain conditions.

    Work opportunities during study in Canada:

    Work On campus:

    The international student who is pursuing his study in Canada can work on the campus of the university for a fixed number of hours and only if you have a valid study permit.

    Work Off Campus

    Being an international student you can work off campus in case you are a full time student in the Designated Learning Institute and your study program is at least 6 months long and leads to a degree or diploma or a certificate.


    How to apply for study in Canada?

    Choose the study program in Canada, and the university where you wish to study in Canada. Then apply to the university to get the Letter of Acceptance which you need further to apply for a study permit in Canada.

    How much does it cost to study in Canada?

    The study in Canada is more affordable as compared to the other developed nations as its living cost is less. Approximately the tuition fee per year ranges between 9 to 30 lakh depending on the course and the university.

    Do I need to show the proof of funds for study in Canada?

    Yes, the international student has to show proof of funds for his tuition fee for the study program.

    What scholarships are available for study in Canada?

    In the case of doctoral degrees, various scholarships in Canada are available. And for the other courses of study also there are a number of scholarships given by the government and the non governmental organisations.

    Is the study in Canada free of cost?

    If the international student gets the scholarship program then the tuition fee will be covered in the scholarship or it means the study in Canada is free of cost.