• Web Content Writer for Education, e-commerce, medical tourism, health & medicine industry
  • Pursuing PhD in Spirituality in Management from RU, Andhra Pradesh


She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Science from SV University, Andhra Pradesh. She also has a Bachelors in Law Degree from S V University, Andhra Pradesh. She completed her Master’s in Business Administration from RIIMS, Andhra Pradesh. She also anchored few educational and women development programs in Door Darshan and other channels. Currently she is pursuing her PhD degree in Spirituality in Management from RU, Andhra Pradesh. 

A Word from Anitha

"Guiding students and parents in making informed decisions about education is both a privilege and a responsibility. A single choice can shape not just a child's life, but the future of communities and nations."


Anitha Naidu Jupalli is a wen content writer with expertise in different industries like Education, e-commerce, medical tourism, health & medicine. She completed her Masters in Business Administration and Bachelor’s degree in Law with years of experience as a legal advisor. She published articles in various national and international journals on spirituality, management and entrepreneurship.

She is a former Assistant professor in an MBA college expertly training future managers, entrepreneurs and leaders of the nation. Her passion for teaching and training students extended to counseling students towards the best future careers. She loves writing and public speaking which driven her in organizing various events in association with private and government sectors.

Her former work experience in teaching and legal professional made her more versatile in fields of education, tourism, and health care. Earlier she worked for various healthcare, education and e-commerce websites. There she writes blogs, web content, articles, social media posters for NEET aspirants. She herself travelled to few countries on her own and experienced the life style of MBBS education abroad. She shares the expertise and her personal experience in her writings to provide first hand and genuine information relating to the medical education abroad. She use social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Quora, and You Tube) for sharing content with the target audience. She wrote content for landing page, promotional posters and banners.

Aside to writing she like to read books on all genres and particularly on self-development. She is also a part of various programs in counseling people with issues in family, relationships, seeking legal advice and for career development. She is a speaker for various government event like Women’s Day in motivating women     and women entrepreneurs. She also organizes self-development programs for all age groups to motivate their self-confidence and lead their development and self-accomplishments. She believes with edu-tech and inner engineering will change the individuals, families and together the world’s future. With her diverse expertise and unwavering dedication, Anitha serves as your go-to resource for all your content needs, ensuring clarity, authenticity, and impact.

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