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Study In Cyprus - Guide For International Students

Study in Cyprus- Fees, Eligibility, Admission, & Top Universities/Colleges

Cyprus is one among the great destination to study abroad for international students. Cyprus offers for international students the best standards of education, top notch education system, diverse cultural environment, friendly and welcoming neighborhood.

Admission requirements differs with school and course preference. Few Cyprus universities also offer up to 100% scholarship for selected courses. International students are offered scholarships and financial aids from the Government of Cyprus and from universities and colleges.

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How much does it cost to Study in Cyprus Study program Average annual fee
1 Undergraduate Programs 3500 to 15000 Euros
2 Postgraduate Programs 6000 to 20000 Euros
3 Doctoral Programs 8000 to 20000 Euros
4 MBA, MBBS Cyprus 12000 to 24000 Euros

Note: Tuition fees may vary as per university / college / course. Above given tuition fees doesn’t include scholarships and financial grants that are offered for international students. Students can get up to 100% scholarships and financial grants by studying in Cyprus.

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    Education System

    Education Systems for Study In Cyprus For International Students

    Article 20 of Constitution and in accordance with the Republic Laws of Cyprus every citizen has the right to get education. Cyprus has compulsory education system starting from 4 years till they reach their 15 years of age.

    Governing body: Cyprus has centralized education system governing its primary, secondary and higher education systems exercising proper control. The authorized governing bodies of education system in Cyprus are:

    • The Council of Ministers—highest authority in education related policy making
    • The Ministry of Education and Culture—administration of Education laws and enforcement
    • The Education Service Commission—Independent five member body responsible for teachers and school inspectors appointments, transfers, promotions etc.
    • The Local School Boards—responsible for maintenance and equipment of schools

    Stages of Education System in Cyprus

    Education System in Cyprus has various levels and organized to different levels for local and international students. Here is the entire system of education system in Cyprus:

    • 1. Primary Education—up to 6 years of age
    • 2. Lower Secondary Education—up to 12 years of age
    • 3. Upper secondary Education—divided to two types:
      Upper secondary general education
      Upper secondary technical and vocational education
    • 4. Undergraduate education
    • 5. Post graduate education
    Study in Cyprus International Students
    Popular Universities

    List of Top Universities in Cyprus for International Students

    The list of best universities to study in Cyprus for International students are as follows:

    University City / Area Type
    Philips University Nicosa Private
    University of City Island Famagusta Private
    Cyprus West University Famagusta Private
    UCLan Cyprus Larnaka Private
    University of Cyprus Nicosa Public
    European Leadership University Famagusta Private
    Eastern Mediterranean University Famagusta State trust run
    Cyprus University of Technology Limassol Public
    Open University of Cyprus Nicosa Private
    European University Cyprus Nicosa Private
    Frederick University Nicosia, Limassol, Larnaca Private
    University of Nicosa Nicosia, Limassol, Larnaca Private
    European University of Lefke Lefka Public
    Neapolis University Paphos Paphos Private
    American University of Cyprus Nicosia Private
    Cyprus International University Nicosia Private
    Near East University Nicosia Private
    Girne American University Kyrenia Private
    University of Kyrenia Kyrenia Private
    Cyprus Science University Kyrenia Private
    University of Mediterranean Karpasia Karpasia Private

    Top Ranked Private Universities in Cyprus

    It is most difficult task to choose the best private universities among Cyprus providing global standards of education for international students. Every university of Cyprus offers quality education, great supportive environment, and diverse cultural experience providing high opportunities to gain top-notch skills, knowledge and global exposure towards their successful careers. Here is the list of top ranked private universities in Cyprus for international students:

    • 1. Cyprus International University
    • 2. University of Nicosa
    • 3. Girne American University
    • 4. UCLAN Cyprus
    • 5. Fredrick University
    • 6. European University of Cyprus
    • 7. University of Cyprus
    • 8. Near East University
    • 9. Phillips University
    • 10. University of City Island
    • 11. Cyprus West University
    • 12. Cyprus Science University
    • 13. American University of Cyprus
    • 14. Neapolis University Paphos
    • 15. University of Mediterranean Karpasia
    Top Courses

    Best Courses to Study in Cyprus for International Students

    Universities of Cyprus offers a wide range of courses and specializations, industry driven curriculum attracting thousands of international student’s population. Here is the list of few best courses offered by Cyprus universities for international students in undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral levels.

    Study Medicine / MBBS in Cyprus
    Study Dentistry in Cyprus
    Study Pharmacy in Cyprus
    Study Business and Management in Cyprus
    Study Engineering and Technology in Cyprus
    Study Hospitality and Tourism in Cyprus
    Study Health Sciences in Cyprus
    Study law in Cyprus
    Study Social Sciences in Cyprus
    Study Oceanography in Cyprus
    Study Psychology in Cyprus
    Study Applied Neuroscience in Cyprus
    Study Engineering in Cyprus

    Admission Process

    Admission Process to Study in Cyprus

    To get admission to Cyprus Universities for bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral programs one should follow the steps below:

    1. Select a University you prefer to study in Cyprus
    2. Find the process of submission of Application form
    3. Fill the Application to get the admission letter
    4. Complete all the entry requirements of University

    • Submit the filled application form
    • Provide the Application Fee Receipt (if applicable)
    • Provide all educational documents required for admission as per the university list
    • English proficiency test results
    • Passport size photographs
    • Passport scanned copy
    • Letter of Recommendation (if applicable)
    • Statement of Purpose / Personal Statement
    • Financial proofs (if applicable)
    • Medical records

    5. Meet English Proficiency Tests requirements —in case for students who are unable to provide IELTS / TOEFL / PTE or other proficiency test proofs, few local universities also offer English courses for them that could help to adhere with their admission process.
    6. Receive Acceptance Letter
    7. Confirm the Enrolment by paying initial Tuition fees
    8. Get student visa permission
    9. Apply for Student Visa
    10. Complete Medical insurance and other formalities
    Note: Students can check and select the best colleges for admissions, by checking all eligibility and other requirements as well scholarship and financial aid options available there.

    Fees Structure

    Study In Cyprus Fees Structure & Top Courses

    Tuition fees in Cyprus depends on colleges and universities, but the cost is generally very affordable when compared to other countries like Canada, Malaysia, India, Australia and more around the world. The level of tuition fees depends on the type of Education program and its duration. Therefore, it is important that you inquire directly with the higher education Universities you are interested in for accurate information regarding the fees on official websites or can talk with Britannica Overseas Education Counsellors.

    Tuition fees are determined by universities. The annual cost of studying at a university in Cyprus for undergraduate degree programs vary from a range of approximately 3,000 EUR to 13,000 EUR. If you want to study at the postgraduate level, the cost will vary from 5,000 EUR to 10,000 EUR. If you want to study Medicine and Dentistry, expect tuition fees to be reasonably higher, from 10,000 EUR to 22,000 EUR. Lastly, if you are interested in studying at the doctoral level in Cyprus, the cost will be approximately 7,000 EUR or higher.

    Top courses in Cyprus Price Range annual in Euros
    Business Administration 7,800 to 15,000
    Energy, Oil and Gas Management 9,300 to 12,010
    Marketing Management 6,000 to 15,000
    Management Information Systems 9,300 to 13,500
    Architecture 9,300 to 16,000
    Engineering 7,500 to 18,000
    Accounting 7,800 to 10,000
    Dance 10080 to 15,200
    Mechanical Engineering 9,420 to 20,000
    Human Biology 8,000 to 18,000
    Law 9,000 to 13,860
    Family Medicine 15,000 to 18,000


    Cost of Living to Study in Cyprus

    Cyprus living costs is very affordable as the universities offer low budget accommodations to students, other available accommodations are quite affordable to international students.

    Type of Expenditure Approximate Cost in Euros
    Accommodation (shared) 3000-5000
    Accommodation (single) 5000-7000
    Food and personal expenses 3350-5000
    Books and stationery 400-500
    Student Visa

    Study in Cyprus Student Visa Requirements-

    Cyprus student visa requirements are not very strict instead for non-European union countries students the process of visa is relatively simple. Here is the step by step process of Cyprus student visa process:

    1. Admission to University: First step of the student visa process is to get an admission to any university they preferred.
    2. Acceptance letter: Should have a valid acceptance letter for the course he applied from the university.
    3. Documents required to the university: Visa application form will be received from the university admitted to the student to fill in and submit along with relevant documents like, passport size photographs, academic documents, English proficiency tests and copy of valid passport.
    4. Slot for Visa Interview: After careful verification of relevant information provided by you University will apply for the visa interview on your behalf.
    5. Attend Visa Interview: Student should attend the visa interview with all the required documents enlisted and the receipt of visa fee at the time allotted and submit the documents to the Embassy / VFS personnel.
    6. Visa process: visa process depends on the application flow and the working days of embassy usually within a month period Cyprus visa will be issued by the embassy.
    7. Report to University: After the visa received report to the university and complete the enrolment process at the given time. Once the process of enrolment finished student need to apply for Temporary Resident Permit with the support of university.
    8. Temporary Resident Permit: International students should complete the remaining formalities to get the TRP from Cyprus authorities like Medical Examination and Police registration process.
    9. Medical Examination: To get TRP every student should undergo a thorough medical examination after the first working day of arrival, like HIV/ AID’s, Hepatitis B and C, Tuberculosis, Syphilis and other communicable diseases. The same should be submitted to the police department for registration.
    10. Police Registration: All international students should register at the District Police Alien Branch, within 7 days of their arrival to Cyprus.

    Cyprus Student Visa required Documents

    • Fully filled Visa Application Form
    • Non-refundable visa application Fees
    • Four (4) passport-size photographs
    • Attested copies of student’s educational documents
    • Proof of English proficiency test (if applicable)
    • Scanned color copy of passport valid for at least one year.
    • Police clearance certificate from home country
    • 6 months Bank Financial guarantee of parents/sponsors holding one-year tuition and living expenses

    Global Scholarships for International Students to Study in Cyprus

    Several Scholarship opportunities are available for international students in Cyprus which is widely offered by the Government of Cyprus, other countries and Universities at large. Few universities of Cyprus offer up to 100% scholarships for eligible international students for preferred courses. Here is the list of all scholarships and financial aids available for international students to study in Cyprus:

    Scholarships for International students to study in Cyprus

    Scholarships offered Scholarship Award Amount
    Cyprus-Turkey Scholarships Cyprus-Turkey Scholarships Up to 100% tuition fee waiver
    Ministry of Education and Culture, Cyprus Cyprus Government Scholarships Up to 40% tuition fees and living expenses offered


    Cyprus International University

    International student scholarship 50% waiver in tuition fee
    Academic Scholarships 50% to 100% off in tuition fees
    Athletic scholarships 50% to 100% off in tuition fees
    University of Central Lancashire Cyprus Undergraduate scholarships 40 to 50% off in tuition fees
    Postgraduate scholarships 30% off in tuition fees


    University of Nicosia

    Academic Merit Scholarships Up to 50% off on tuition fees
    Athletic Scholarships Up to 40% off on tuition fees
    Financial Aid for needed Up to 15% off on tuition fees
    On-campus work study programme Tuition fee waiver
    Early payment discount 4% off on tuition fees
    The Cyprus Institute Deans Distinguished scholarships Partial / full scholarships


    Girne American University

    High Honour Scholarship 75 to 100% tuition fee waiver
    Work Team Scholarship 75 to 100% tuition fee waiver
    Sports scholarship 75 to 100% tuition fee waiver




    Final International University

    Undergraduate scholarships 50 to 100% off in tuition fees
    Scholarships for Dentistry 30 to 70% off in tuition fees
    Scholarships for Pharmacy 50 to 70% off in tuition fees
    Masters scholarships 50 to 80% off in tuition fees
    MBS in International Hotel Management 20 to 75% off in tuition fees
    Doctoral programs scholarships 30 to 70% off in tuition fees




    Cyprus West University

    Tomorrow Leaders Scholarship (TLS) Up to 100% off in tuition fees
    CWU COVID 19 scholarship 65 to 70% off in tuition fees
    International student scholarship 65% off in tuition fees
    Financial Aid program Up to 100% off in tuition fees
    Academic scholarships Up to 100% off in tuition fees
    Academic Achievement Scholarships 70 to 100% off in tuition fees
    Frederick University New Undergraduate students Up to 100% off in tuition fees
    Post graduate students Partial scholarships
    Sports scholarships Partial / Full tuition fee off
    Women in STEM scholarships Partial / Full tuition fee off
    Michael Frederickou Scholarships Partial / Full tuition fee off
    Monetary prizes
    Scholarships for international students 25% off the tuition fees
    Alexander College Athletic scholarships Partial / Full tuition fee off
    International University & Colleges International Education Scholarship Up to 45% off the tuition fees

    Cyprus International University

    Academic scholarships 50% to 100% off in tuition fee
    International Student Scholarship 50% off in tuition fee
    Athletic scholarships Up to 50% off in tuition fee

    Benefits of studying in Cyprus for International Students

    • European Standards of Education
    • Top ranked Universities
    • Assured Quality and renowned professors
    • Innovation and Research oriented training
    • English widely spoking locals
    • English medium of curriculum
    • Easy and adaptable environment
    • Safe and friendly country to study
    • Excellent and strategic location to explore world
    • Part time work opportunities for international students
    • Stay back and settlement options
    • Affordable Fee structure
    • Low cost of living
    • Wide range of scholarship opportunities
    • Up to 100% scholarship and tuition fee waiver
    • Diverse culture and large international student community
    • Best employment opportunities
    • Highest paying jobs
    • Industry driven learning

    Top Cities To Education In Cyprus

    Cyprus is a stunning Mediterranean island is home to a number of prominent institutions and universities, making it a top choice for international students. The following are some of the top cities in Cyprus for international students to study:

    • Nicosia: Nicosia the capital city of Cyprus is one the most prominent city to study for international students and The University of Cyprus, Cyprus International University, and Near East University are all located in Nicosia. With a wide variety of restaurants, nightclubs, and cultural activities, the city offers a lively and stimulating atmosphere.
    • Limassol: The second-largest city in Cyprus, Limassol is renowned for its stunning beaches and cosmopolitan vibe. It is the location of the Cyprus University of Technology, which provides management, engineering, and architectural degree programmes.
    • Larnaca: Larnaca is another spectacular city located in seaside well-known for its stunning beaches and interesting historical attractions. The American College, which provides courses in business, law, and international relations, is located there.
    • Paphos: Paphos is a fascinating coastal city well-known for its historic sites and ancient ruins. The University of Central Lancashire, which provides courses in business, law, and tourism, is located there.

    Work Opportunities

    Job Opportunities for international students in Cyprus

    Finding a job after your graduation from universities of Cyprus is an easy task for international students. Plenty of universities organize their curriculum that are industry driven and research oriented that could easily place them at best international organizations. Most of the colleges are collaborating with foreign universities and companies to provide best job opportunities for local and internationals after their graduation. Cyprus can be a place where most of the international students can do their part time jobs during their course or place to full time jobs after their graduation.

    Here is the list high demanded and high paying jobs in Cyprus:

    1. Medical professionals
    2. IT / Telecom professionals
    3. Accounting and Audit personnel
    4. Sales and Marketing people
    5. Analysts
    6. Teachers
    7. Aviation
    8. Banking
    9. Hospitality
    10. Pharmaceutical
    11. Real estate
    12. Trading

    Few courses among the Universities that are offering has the highest demand at present in Cyprus and internationally. Students can get proper counselling prior to choosing their priority courses from expert counsellors of Britannica Overseas Education.

    1. Engineering
    2. Consultancy
    3. Gaming
    4. Corporate services
    5. Financial services


    How Much Does It Cost To Study In Cyprus?

    Studying From Cyprus Tuition fees are determined by universities. The annual cost of studying at a university in Cyprus for undergraduate degree programs vary from a range of approximately 3,000 EUR to 13,000 EUR. If you want to study at the postgraduate level, the cost will vary from 5,000 EUR to 10,000 EUR.

    Is Cyprus good for study?

    Cyprus offers a high-quality education that is on par with global standards. Besides, students have the flexibility to choose their academic workload and have options to customise the curriculum.

    Can i get scholarship to study in Cyprus?

    Yes, there are many Government universities who provides good scholarship upto 100% scholarship in Cyprus you could get.

    Is Cyprus good for Indian students?

    yes, Cyprus offers high-quality study for Indian Students at very affordable fees.

    How to Apply for Study in Cyprus?

    Choose your ideal choice of Course and University you wish to pursue your higher Study in Cyprus. Check the eligibility and admission related requirements. Apply and get the offer letter and proceed next to the visa and other process.

    Do I need to show the proof of Funds for Study in Cyprus?

    Yes, all international students required to provide financial guarantee proof issued by their parents / guardians, which is mandatory to get admission as well visa to study in Cyprus.

    What Scholarships are available to Study in Cyprus?

    Government of Cyprus as well most of the Universities provide various scholarships for bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral programs to study in Cyprus for international students. Check the detailed information provided university wise in the page.

    Is the Study in Cyprus Free of Cost?

    Most of the courses offered by Universities for international students are up to 100% tuition fee waiver. This undoubtedly a free of cost education for international students, and monetary prizes also offered by few colleges making Study in Cyprus a wonderful opportunity for all.