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Britannica General FAQs

What is Britannica Overseas?

Britannica Overseas deals with the higher education institutions and students helping them to accomplish their goals.

What services does Britannica Overseas provide?

Our experienced counsellors help you to recognise your dream destination for study. We provide education counselling, university application process, scholarship guidance, guide for buying student health insurance and preparing the student visa application.

How can I connect with your counsellor?

You can connect us at +91-9818 560 331 or email us at info@britannicaoverseas.comWe are ready to help you any time between working hours 07.00 to 18.00 hours from Monday to Saturday.

Are the services provided by Britannica overseas free?

Just dial a call, talk to us and get free education counselling for study abroad.

What types of counselling is provided at Britannica Overseas?

At Britannica Overseas, you will get counselling regarding study abroad and how to grow your business. We will facilitate your path towards growth in business by exploring the allied tie ups over the globe.

Is personal counselling available?

Surely, personalised counselling is available at Britannica Overseas which will cater your individualised requirements in the field of education abroad or the educational businesses.

How does the educational counsellor help?

The educational counsellor will understand your study abroad requirements, show you the right way for higher studies and will help you in the application for a visa. Moreover, we will assist you with post arrival services.

Why take the Educational counselling?

Our educational counsellors will help you in developing realistic academic goals, to make finance related decisions and to accomplish them.

How can I schedule an appointment with your counsellor?

If you have any query you may fix an appointment with our expert counsellor on this number +91-9818 560 331

Can I study abroad?

Yes, you can study abroad by getting the right guidance for choosing the suitable course of study and in the right university from our experts. Our expert counsellors will check your eligibility for study abroad.

What will be the cost of study abroad?

The cost of study abroad depends upon the type of course you choose for study and university and in which country.

What is the right time to start with an application for study abroad?

Start with your application for study abroad as soon as possible to make the entire study visa process hassle free and keep an ample amount of time for fulfilling the requirements.

What is the processing time of an application for study abroad?

Usually, the time of processing the study visa application is one year for the entire process. Nowadays, it’s taking a little longer due to the impact of Covid on the visa processing applications.

Can I afford to study abroad?

There are different types of scholarships to afford your study abroad.

Can I work along with my studies?

Yes, the international students can work along with their studies but the rules and the number of hours of work may vary according to the visa rules of the countries.

Whether the international degree will be recognised in my own country?

As the international students obtain the diploma or degrees which are recognised in all the countries. It will give you some additional skill competency in your hometown.

How studying abroad will help me in employment?

Studying abroad will help you in your employment as multiplying the options of employment opportunities.

What type of aid Britannica Overseas provides?

From student visa to lodging, we will assist you.

Is there any post visa help that is given by Britannica Overseas?

Yes, the post visa training will help you become aware about the country where you want to study abroad.

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How to get financial aid to study abroad?

Contact our counsellor to know about the scholarships available in the university in which you want to study and its requirements.

Can I get a scholarship?

The scholarships are given on the basis of academic performance and the various other factors.

What type of accommodation will I get during my studies abroad?

The different accommodations as the student housing and the private accommodations are available. To know in detail, talk to our counsellor.

Is medical insurance mandatory for every international student?

It is essential for every international student to get medical insurance.

When can I apply for a student visa?

After getting a Letter of Acceptance from your university you can apply for a student visa.

How will Britannica Overseas help me in my application for study abroad?

If you are a Britannica Overseas Student then you are a student with an offer from one of the 100 + prestigious universities with which we are tied up. We will guide you through the entire application process.

Is there any post visa help that is given by Britannica Overseas?

Yes, the post visa training will help you become aware about the country where you want to study abroad.

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