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The Britannica Overseas Education provides the foreign language courses in Gurgaon and is giving the Best French language classes in Gurgaon. The French language is the second most commonly spoken language after English over the globe. There are 41 Francophone countries in the world.

French Coaching Classes In Gurgaon & Training Institute

Learning the French language will amplify your opportunities in the employment sector. Being bilingual is having a feather in your cap. We provide training for the French language classes in Gurgaon for travelling and study purposes.

Britannica Overseas Education is the only French institute in Gurgaon that make you prepare for French certification courses like DELF courses for further higher studies in French speaking countries. You will get well versed in French language with good French Speaking skills, French writing Skills, French Reading skills, and French Listening skills. You can opt your course preparation time slot according to your convenience and we provide French language courses in Gurgaon at an affordable fee.

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French coaching classes in gurgaon

Learn French Language at Britannica Overseas Education

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French is the poetic language and has its own charm of learning it. There are 200 million French speakers over the globe and it is the second widely spoken language. In our specially designed courses, all the language skills are developed such as French listening and understanding the phrases in French, speaking French in a fluent way, reading skills and how to write paragraphs with extra emphasis on French grammar part including French verbs, French phrases and French vocabulary and Spoken French.

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    FRENCH Language Institute in Gurgaon

    Learning French will open many vistas in life such as multiplying employment opportunities in the big multinational companies. To work in a French multinational company one needs to get well versed with French language. So French language will add skill to your profile suitable for the multinational organisations.

    Britannica Overseas Education has the best faculty, who are certified trainers from Alliance Francaise. We train the students for all purposes of learning French language. we provide offline and online courses both.At the end of the course, the students may appear for the certifications like DELF which is globally valid certifications. DELF certificates are issued by the French ministry.

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    French Classes in Gurgaon


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    Why to Study French Language?

    DELF exam is suitable for all study and employment purposes. It is the official certification given by the French Ministry of Education to non native speakers of French. This DELF exam is internationally recognized to evaluate French linguistic skills. There are six different levels given to the students according to their level of proficiency in French on CEFRL(Common European Framework Reference Level).At each level of proficiency, all the four language skills are assessed as French Listening, French Writing, French Reading and French Speaking.

    French courses at Britannica Overseas Education:

    Course & Duration Description of course
    French for School Students

    C.B.S.E & I.C.S.E

    (150 hours)

    School curriculum in French and covers the whole syllabus of French of your grade with all your skills development of French Listening, French Writing, French Reading and French Speaking.
    French on the Go |(30 hours) French for travel purposes. This course will prepare you for French listening and French speaking with developing your basic French vocabulary and the basic sentences In French language and phrases in French language

    Why study French at Britannica Overseas education?

    Britannica Overseas Education is the first and the best French institute for learning French.We offer the best French courses both offline French courses as well as online French courses. At Britannica Overseas Education we follow the practical and innovative approach for teaching French.It makes learning French to be easier and interesting with focus on the French study needs of a student. We provide you the best French coaching in Gurgaon and meet all your French learning needs for studying French or French for work or employment and also French for travelling.

    So you are just a call away to your journey towards learning French! BIENVENUE !
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    DELF pattern courses at Britannica Overseas education:

    Levels A1- Beginner level A2- Elementary level B1- Intermediate level
    Listening – Understanding familiar words, very basic phrases.
    – Self introduction, can introduce friends, family and immediate surroundings.
    – Understanding the normal phrases.
    – Understanding the vocabulary related to market, shopping, family information etc…
    – I can understand the short and simple messages.
    – Clear understanding on the matters like school, work, home, surroundings etc…
    – Understanding the current affairs, radio news if it delivers slowly.
    Reading – Understanding familiar words and very simple phrases. – Reading very short and simple texts.
    – I can find some useful information in day to day activities like advertisements, menus.
    – I can read short informal and formal letters.
    – Easily understand the texts which contains relatively heavy vocabulary.
    – Describing of events, personal feelings, emotions, desire, wishes.
    Speaking – I can interact with others in a simple way if the next person is ready to repeat or to speak slowly.
    – I am able to ask and frame simple questions on very easy topics.
    – I can make simple sentences to describe where I live.
    – I can adjust myself in simple and daily routine tasks with direct exchange of information on easy topics.
    – I can deal with short social conversation.
    – I can describe myself in a more elaborated manner like my living conditions, my educational background and my work experience.
    – I can conversate on the topics of my personal interest, my day to day life, hobbies, latest news.
    – I can describe myambitions, my dreams, my hopes.
    – I can express my opinions about something, I can give reasons, explanations.
    – I can narrate summary of a novel or book, plot of a film.
    Writing – I am able to write small postcard.
    – I can easily fill my personal details such as name, nationality, address on any given form.
    – I can write short and simple letters, simple essays. – I can write on the topics of my interest, letters and can write my own experience about something.
    Training Duration 60 hrs 90 hrs 15 hrs
    Recognised certification requirement Alliance Française (Syllabus & Training Methodology covers the Requirement) Alliance Française (Syllabus & Training Methodology covers the Requirement) Alliance Française (Syllabus & Training Methodology covers the Requirement)
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